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In a satirical onslaught of life as we know it, James reaches into the heart of what it is to be human. Writing what most of us would only dare to think, Running at the Speed of Life is both humorous and humbling.

Sherry McLaughlin, Author
on Running @ Speed of Life
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Running at the Speed of Life
Spring Snow

Spring Snow
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( Robert Teague )
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ISBN 0-9768347-5-8
114 pages
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June 2007

a thoughtful collection

a thoughtful collection

Is snow in spring wrong?
Not really.
It may be short lived.
But, oh, so beautiful.
And maybe, just maybe
The last hurdle
Before Spring truly arrives.

-- Robert Teague, MD


There is no doubt that life’s journey is filled with its fair share of challenges and setbacks. Despite that, I’ve come to appreciate the journey for what it is. One of the reasons is that if you stick it out long enough—see the journey through—you are often rewarded with some precious gifts. Gifts that will last a lifetime.

This book is one of those gifts. I had the opportunity to meet Robert Teague one day in the Spring of 2005. He walked into one of my clinics—just out of curiosity. We sat and talked. He connected with my vision, and I ended up with a mentor.

In our time together, I learned a lot about business, relationships and life. He shared wisdom, stories and experiences that helped me refocus. Then, one day, he shared his writing.

When you run into a person who has the courage to be transparent and honest, it compels you to be the same. It allows you to love and be loved...for who you It is the thing that helps you grow. The stuff of life.

He is my mentor. He is my friend. And this is a gift I just couldn’t keep to myself. Enjoy.

—Sherry McLaughlin

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