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This is the best book a journeyman could stumble across. The daunting expectations of life are addressed and put into perspective as Sherry delivers a message of hope for all who walk the labyrinth of life.

James Lander, Author
on Lessons from the Journey
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It Was All Worth It
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Generation XL
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( Paul Ehrmann, D.O. )
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ISBN 978-0-9768347-8-6
January 2009

The Childhood Obesity Pandemic
A community-based solution

A public health crisis, an international health priority.

"...Childhood obesity is now the No. 1 health concern for kids..."
— University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health

This dramatic and alarming statement compelled a family practice physician in Southeast Michigan into action. Come join Dr. Paul Ehrmann as he details the childhood obesity pandemic and offers real solutions to the problem. In this book you will learn the, CHIP five step approach to fighting childhood obesity with ideas including:

  • Battling the XL psychology
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Fitness ideas in the real world

"Every time I see someone who is overweight... I think to myself... I don't know you... I don’t even know your name... but I know exactly how you feel behind your eyes. I know all too well about the tears cried from looks and comments, the shame, the guilt, the never feeling good enough, the despair. But what really stands out is that I know there is a desire burning deep inside to be someone so very different. I wonder if they realize they do have the strength to BE that person. Dr. Ehrmann, keep trying to inspire hope with your important work!"
—An unsolicited email to Dr. Ehrmann


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Lessons Triple Pack
Lessons Triple Pack

It Was All Worth It
It Was All Worth It

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