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All women, at some point in their lives, begin to see the puzzle that is life come together. Sherry and her Lessons from the Couch are the special gifts that ease the journey.

Cindy Graves, Marketing Direct
on Lessons from the Couch
Take the journey. Learn the lessons. Live the Life.

Welcome to ML Publishing, a division of MIHP, Inc., located in Southeast Michigan. Our online store includes recently published titles as well as specials on pre-order and wholesale opportunities.

ML Publishing is a product of a visionary who aims to provide a collection of non-fiction books that inspire, challenge and enlighten.

Each author captures the reader with stories of personal experiences.. the uncertainties, the truths, the sorrows, the joy.... LIFE.

Real People. Real Stories. Real Life.

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Lessons from the Couch

Lessons from the Loveseat

Running at the Speed of Life

Generation XL

Spring Snow

It Was All Worth It
It Was All Worth It

Lessons Triple Pack
Lessons Triple Pack

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